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How TalentReef accelerated time-to-hire by three days with calendar management

Unlock the power of scheduling and elevate your application’s performance. By connecting directly with users’ calendar providers, you can build frictionless calendar views and scheduling tools into your application.

Alexander Plumb, a key player in TalentReef’s transformative product development team, and Karla Nussbaumer, Head of Product Marketing at Nylas, will discuss how TalentReef (acquired by Mitratech) has significantly increased its revenue and reduced time-to-hire. They’ll share best practices, live demos, and trends in communications that will help you turn your app into a booking and scheduling hub.

About Mitratech
Mitratech is a proven global technology partner for corporate legal, risk, compliance, and HR professionals seeking to maximize productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening organizational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across an enterprise. Mitratech serves over 2,000 organizations worldwide spanning more than 160 countries.

About Nylas
250,000+ developers around the world use Nylas to increase velocity and seamlessly build customizable email and scheduling capabilities through state-of-the-art APIs. Nylas is the only platform giving developers universal access to email, calendar, and contacts providers through a single integration.

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Watch this session to learn:

How to use communications APIs to deliver engaging, revenue-generating calendar management features

What types of companies stand to benefit from embedded communications capabilities

Why 250,00+developers use Nylas’ Email, Calendar, and Contacts APIs to save time and resources

Operationalizing Business Value of Data: How mapping personalization data to specific account management pillars like customer identity, business process management, or pricing & promotion can immediately create business value

Customer Engagement Strategy: How 1st party communications experiences close the gap on getting business value from data collection and engagement for your application

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.


Speaker 1

Karla Nussbaumer

Head of Product Marketing and Customer Marketing, Nylas

Karla is a seasoned Marketing and Sales leader with over 15 years of experience in technology across telecommunications, APIs, SaaS, and contact centers. Karla serves as the Head of Marketing at Nylas, where she is responsible for Product Marketing. Prior to Nylas, Karla held leadership roles at Twilio, 8x8, and Avaya, where she led several key projects that significantly contributed to these companies' success. In her free time, Karla enjoys outdoor activities and traveling.

Speaker 2

Alexander Plumb

Sr. Product Manager, TalentReef

Alex is an accomplished product management professional with 8 years of experience in technology across edtech, healthcare, and talent management. Alex currently serves as a Senior Product Manager at Mitatech, focused on the TalentReef platform’s ATS and analytics modules. In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking with his dogs and trying new breweries in Colorado. 

Speaker 3

Andrew Slate

Product Marketing Manager, Nylas

Andrew is a product marketing manager at Nylas where he leads customer marketing programs and go-to-market activities for the Nylas Email API. In his spare time, Andrew is a backpacker, photographer, and live music fan.

Speaker 4



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