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AE Studio + Nylas Fireside Chat: Reshaping developer workflows with artificial intelligence

Join Greg Buckner, Co-Founder & COO and Francisco Carrillo, Sr. Data Scientist at AE Studio, with Christine Spang, Co-Founder & CTO at Nylas, to discuss how AI will revolutionize the way developers work.

AE Studio’s team of experienced developers and data scientists specializes in launching custom generative AI and AI solutions. They’ll share the top challenges their clients — like Salesforce, Polygon, and Samsung — face when harnessing AI and how they’re finding success, optimizing their developer toolkits and workflows.

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Watch this 45-minute session to:

Understand the top hurdles teams face when using AI technologies and get strategies for navigating these challenges.

Discover the success stories of how gen AI is revolutionizing the software development process, optimizing efficiency and innovation.

Break down the friction points of implementing gen AI in developer workflows, including security risks, looking out for biased AI models, and the risk of being over-dependent on AI-generated development decisions.

Operationalizing Business Value of Data: How mapping personalization data to specific account management pillars like customer identity, business process management, or pricing & promotion can immediately create business value

Customer Engagement Strategy: How 1st party communications experiences close the gap on getting business value from data collection and engagement for your application

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.


Speaker 1

Christine Spang

Co-Founder and CTO at Nylas

Christine Spang is the Co-Founder & CTO of Nylas, where she leads Nylas’ engineering and technical strategy along with her focus on building, delivering, and scaling Nylas’ services worldwide. A Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Christine has been recognized for her work with APIs, software development, and the greater technical community and has spoken at numerous events such as Collision, PyCon, Web Summit, and TechCrunch Disrupt. Christine supports numerous organizations and causes that promote diversity and inclusivity within the technology and software development industry and serves as an advisor at One Way Ventures. Christine holds a degree in computer science from MIT.

Speaker 2

Greg Buckner

Co-Founder and COO at AE Studio

Greg Buckner is the Co-Founder & COO at AE Studio, where he has led AE’s project strategy, technical, financial, and marketing operations. He previously built technology products and led teams for startups and large companies, including Pacific Life, LiveNation, AutoDesk, EVgo, Samsung and Draper. Greg has been recognized as an excellent technical leader and educator, including being named Top Instructor for General Assembly. He is focused on scaling great teams and building technologies that increase human agency. Greg holds a BBA in Finance & Investment Banking from The Wisconsin School of Business.

Speaker 3

Francisco Carrillo

Sr. Data Scientist at AE Studio

Francisco Carrillo is the senior data scientist at AE Studio, where he works closely with clients to develop cutting-edge, AI-powered applications in domains including climate tech and finance. Francisco did his doctoral work at Princeton, utilizing supercomputers to solve partial differential equations. He also spearheaded the integration of machine learning at health-tech startup Scanslated and enabled the company to scale to millions of users. In his work at AE, Francisco regularly applies his expertise in Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, and Deep Learning to solve client problems.