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3 Questions You Should Be Asking About API Security

In today's interconnected digital landscape, APIs play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication and integration between systems and services. However, as APIs become increasingly prevalent, so do the potential security risks associated with them. To ensure the integrity of your API infrastructure, it is vital to be aware of and address API security concerns. 

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Join Nylas security experts as they explore the top three questions developers and security experts should be asking when building with APIs:

What is the best way to identify vulnerabilities, as well as detect abuse and insecure authentication in APIs?

What measures should be taken to ensure that APIs do not unintentionally expose sensitive data?

What are the best practices involved in building, publishing and maintaining a secure API?

Operationalizing Business Value of Data: How mapping personalization data to specific account management pillars like customer identity, business process management, or pricing & promotion can immediately create business value

Customer Engagement Strategy: How 1st party communications experiences close the gap on getting business value from data collection and engagement for your application

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.

How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes.


Speaker 1

Sam Cowan

Director, Information Security at Nylas

Sam has extensive experience with complex projects involving building security monitoring programs, organizational compliance, threat detection, and incident response. Prior to Nylas, she was the Head of Compliance at HackerOne and OneLogin, as well as a security engineer at CoverHound / CyberPolicy, and Zenefits. Samantha holds an MS in Cybersecurity and MBA from the University of Maryland. She lives in Wisconsin with a multitude of reptiles. She loves food, movies, geology (with a focus on minerals), and music.

Speaker 2

Kirthana Ramesh Selvam

Sr. Security Engineer at Nylas

Kirthana manages Nylas' Bug Bounty Program and strives to mature Product Security and Threat Management programs at Nylas. Influenced by OG hacker movies like WarGames, Kirthana has been passionate about information security since her high school days. She loves to empower and encourage developers to build products with a Security by Design mindset. Kirthana moved to the US in 2017 to do her Masters in Cybersecurity from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Prior to Nylas, Kirthana was a Security GRC Analyst at Twilio. During her free time, Kirthana loves to cook and play video games.

Speaker 3


Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager

Karina is passionate about bringing innovative products to life and solving customer pain points. She’s an advocate for learning all-things and coaching others to achieve their full potential. When not at work, you can find her in the garden or on mountain trails hiking and foraging for a good time with her dogs.

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